Sentence Chain Storytelling

I ask ESL students (mainly teens and pre-teens from China) to orally tell a story together. One person starts it with a sentence, then we go through, student by student, each adding a sentence. Ideally it has something to do with the lecture material, but depending on how advanced they are, I can be awful lax about this. I write the sentences (appearing on the screen) as they say them, occasionally rephrasing them slightly to align with the the rules of English grammar, or just to make them past tense. Today’s lecture was on crime.

Wayne is a thief. Wayne stole one million dollars. Wayne killed people. Wayne killed more people. Wayne became a member of the mafia. He was a thief for the mafia. One day Wayne told his boss that he stole one million dollars. His boss was very angry. He lied to his boss. But his boss believed him. The boss is Diana’s neighbor, and he tells her a secret. Diana is surprised. Then Diana found Wayne. They decided to rob the bank together. Robbing banks made Wayne very successful. They left together to be happy. Wayne and Diana got married. Then they had a lovely baby. That’s all.

Wayne is the (American) name of the second student to speak. Here’s the second (and final) round.

But the boss kidnapped their baby. The next day the baby’s body was found in the river. But the baby has superpowers. The baby was very angry. He killed the boss. But the boss has superpowers too. They find another earth. They fight there. The baby found out that he’s the Flash. He lied. He lied to his father. His father told him his father is Captain America. In fact, the baby wants to be Iron Man. The Avengers Alliance heard that the Aliens attacked New York again. So they fought the aliens. They saved New York successfully. It becomes a movie. Then he woke up and found out it was only a dream. Then he found Marvel.

If I have this group again, we’ll have to do the Superheroes and Villains lecture.


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